Will be NO earlier than 4:15 and NO later than 9:00pm.


Designated area for guest parking is located along road as you enter core camp area. Vehicles may be quickly unloaded in turn-around-loop before parking. 

Vehicles are not normally permitted in cabin areas. Exceptions - after authorization from Camp Host:

1. For those who would find it difficult to carry their luggage, leader may designate one vehicle to transport to cabins. Bedding should be enclosed in weatherproof bags. Please do not drive up to Cabins 5 - 8 at any time. Vehicle must then return to designated parking area.

2. Leader may designate one vehicle to transport disabled guests during event –vehicle may park at the cabin.


Meals are served buffet style.   A warning bell will ring 10 minutes before each meal, and again at the stated meal time. Please be prompt. Leaders should designate one table at a time to line up at the buffet. Meals will be served until the food runs out, or for a maximum of 45 minutes. 

 After each meal, we ask our guests to bus dishes to the small kitchen window. 


 A fridge (outside kitchen) and a microwave (in dining room) are available for our guests who have special needs.


You are welcome to bring your own snacks. Soda, juice and water vending machines are available.


A free coffee bar is located in the dining room and is available throughout the day. Items include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and ice water.


The kitchen is a restricted area, please do not enter.


Bring your own bedding, towels, soaps, etc. Also recommended, flashlight/batteries, all weather/sturdy footwear, umbrella/rain poncho (rainy season), layered clothing.


Pets, alcohol, drugs, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, skates, scooters, skateboards, and bikes are not permitted on the grounds at any time. See Safety Regulations for additional items.


Smoking is permitted on the covered concrete patio area. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings or cabins. Please remember that a few moments of carelessness could destroy the beauty and usefulness of this site.


Non-swimmers must wear a life vest and notify staff prior to swimming.


Call 831-335-3019 and press #6 when greeting begins. Leave a message with your phone number to page a staff person for an urgent need.


Please be considerate of others and reduce noisy activity after 10:00 p.m.


Caution: The area above and around the heaters must be kept clear at all times.  

Food, and beverages, (including candy, chips, soda, etc.), candles, and other flammable substances are not allowed in cabins.   Entrance doors should be kept closed to prevent insects and animals from entering. Cabin 4 is wheelchair accessible. If you have disabled guests, please inquire about availability.


FOOD and BEVERAGES (including candy, chips, soda, etc.) are not permitted in Wichert Auditorium. 


Overuse of electrical appliances can cause fuses to blow. Do not plug in too many at one time.  

Respite Camp Details 

When: June 2020

COST: FREE!!!!!!!!!! (What?) Yes, FREE!!!!!

Registration:  (WAITLIST)

*CAMP is for families that are caring for an adopted child living with complex mental health needs and who is living in or who was ADOPTED through Sacramento County*

Where: Camp MayMac (Located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Santa Cruz mountains) 9115 E. Zayante Road, Felton, CA 

This event will provide many types of fun respite opportunities for the children and parents.  Parents have the opportunity to relax, read a book, take part in recreational activities or try alternative healing approaches like Yoga, meditation and massage. Children aged 4-17 and will be supervised by staff experienced in teaching social skills and positive peer interaction while they participate in activities like, swimming, playing team building games, and arts and crafts. Families will join together for meals and an adoption community campfire. 

Children aged 4 to 17 will be supervised Friday/Saturday 9-12 & 1:30-4:30. CAFA can not supervise children under the age of 4 at camp and it will be the parents responsibility to supervise and provide activities for your younger child. See sample schedule below!

Have more questions: Contact Amanda at or 916.880.0234

Suggested Packing List 

_Sleeping bag/bed linens
_Yoga Mat
_ Pillow
_ Towels – bath and swimming
_ Toiletries – soap/body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb/hairbrush, chapstick, etc.
_ Closed-toed tennis shoes for hiking, sports, etc.
_ Swimsuit (pool is only open during summer months)
_ Water bottle for all children
_ Shower flip flops
_ Casual dress (please pack enough clothing items for the duration of your trip. In the cooler months, layers are recommended.)
_ Sunscreen
_ Hat and/or sunglasses
_ Bug spray (no aerosol bottles please)
_ Backpack (to carry extra layers, water bottle, camera, etc.)
_ Rain jacket
_ Sweatshirt, jacket, coat (even in summer months it is cooler in the evenings)
_ Flashlight
_ Camera
_ Book or other activity for parent down time
_ Medications 
_ Camp chairs (for on your deck, under your tree reading your book, etc.)
_ Snacks if your child has dietary issues. (No food can be kept in cabins during the night.) Kitchen has limited space to store food items. There is a refrigerator /microwave in the main lodge that we can use as well.
Weather Averages for Felton, CA

June – Average low 48 degrees      Average high 82 degrees