Who is CAFA? 

  Capital Adoptive Families Alliance is a professionally peer run nonprofit corporation that was created in 2009 by two adoptive mothers who found themselves facing challenges raising their children that they had not anticipated.
  They realized that raising special needs children carried with it issues that were different than raising typical children and found that mothers of typical children were not always able to relate. So they started a support group of five adoptive mothers that met monthly.  During these meetings each of the members experienced that feeling of being understood by the others.  
   During the next year they found that having the understanding of parents facing similar issues along with sharing resources helped them in facing their challenges. Soon other adoptive parents wanted to join their tight knit group.  In January of 2009 CAFA held its first meeting for adoptive parents in the Sacramento area.  The founders’ professional background in child welfare services and mental health, coupled with their personal experience adopting special needs children helped CAFA to quickly establish itself as a resource for adopted families and professional who serve them.

Board of Directors

Laura Stillmunkes-Executive Director

Kim Brown-President(Immediate Past Executive Director)

Kori Tomlin-Secretary 

Sara Myers-Treasurer 

Rebecca Buchmiller-Vice President

Bob Herne-Board Member

 What CAFA members are saying...

"Supportive and Helpful"-Lysa

"Fabulous group to connect with others, share experiences and learn." -Sherri & Jessi

"There are so many reasons I love this group!"-Colleen

"To know others are going through what you are. To share resources as we all have different expertise and experiences. To make friend's who understand without saying anything. to have someone to walk along side of you. To be there in good times and challenging times. A place where you can just be.."-Anne